➴ᵎ☁️⊹ Enhypen ➴ᵎ☁️⊹

Basic Information: ||Debut Date: November 30th, 2020|| Fandom Name: Engene|| Was created from a survival show called "I-land"|| 7 member boy group||
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Heeseung ★彡

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Jay/Jongseong ★彡

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Jaeyun/Jake ★彡

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Sunghoon ★彡

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Jungwon ★彡

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Riki/Ni-ki ★彡

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Yang Jungwon, I Cool, Cool Kids, Boy Groups, Quick Saves
Jungwon ❀ •*°』
a person with red hair standing in front of microphones
Jungwon ❀ •*°』
Boy Bands, Celebrities, Sung Hoon, Pretty Men, Celebrities Male, South Korean Boy Band
Jungwon ❀ •*°』
Red suits him smmm Red Suits, Red Suit, Red
jungwon ❀ •*°』
Red suits him smmm
two young men sitting on inflatable rafts at the beach
Ni-ki & Jake ❀ •*°』
a woman with piercings on her ear and wearing a leather jacket in front of a red light
Ni-ki/Riki❀ •*°』
a young man holding a blue object in his right hand and wearing a red shirt
Sunghoon ❀ •*°』
a man with ear buds on his ears wearing a red and white t - shirt
Sunghoon ❀ •*°』
Sunoo ❀ •*°』
Sunoo ❀ •*°』
Sunoo ● .° °★
Sunoo ● .° °★
a man holding a microphone up to his face while wearing a white shirt and blue scarf
Sunoo ● .° °★
a man holding a microphone in his right hand and wearing a white shirt with black letters on it
Sunghoon ● .° °★
a young man with blonde hair wearing a jacket and tie
Sunghoon ● .° °★
Diamond Necklace
Ni-ki/Riki ● .° °★
a man with red hair wearing a suit and tie standing in front of other men
Jungwon ● .° °★