Donkey Tail Succulents Plants

Les plantes succulentes subliment le jardin !

Donkey Tails: Perhaps the most fun thing about succulents is their creative animal anatomy names. These donkey tails drape down in the most fabulous way. Try hanging yours in one of these planters.

Succulent called Key Lime Pie. Adromischus cristatus

Succulent Plant Key Lime Pie

Adromischus cristatus 'Key Lime Pie' I have one of these. It tipped over and now it bothers me :)

Crassula perfoliata var. minor  - Propeller Plant - Indigenous South African Succulent

minor - Propellor Plant - indigenous South African succulent ~ pretty blossom too

Parodia Magnifica Commonly Called Balloon Cactus - love the furry ridges

11 Succulents for a Desert Garden

Trough Gardens-  Panda plant is grown for its fuzzy silvery gray leaves tipped with reddish-brown hairs. It is an easy-care succulent that needs bright light and little moisture to thrive. Other common names for it include pussy ears and plush plant.  Name: Kalanchoe tomentosa  Size: 6-24 inches tall and wide  Zones: 10-11

Best Plants for Trough Gardens

Panda Plant - what a perfect name for this succulent. Use in combination with other succulents to create a stunning container garden for full sun.

Old Man of Mexico Cactus

Old Man of Mexico Cactus

✮ Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Debi Blankenship

Fish Hook Cactus

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Torch cactus abloom!

Torch cactus abloom!