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Skin cancer and sun safety  #SunSafety

I chose this pin because it shows skin cancer and sun safety tips and find the right sun protection products for you.

Holiday Infographic

Work, Rest and Play - Demanding Seamless Internet Connectivity on Vacation, a Brocade infographic on how we can't live without or mobile devices and/or the Internet while on vaycay.

Diabetes can steal your vision. Help protect your sight with a retina eye exam.

Protect Your Sight Infographic Visit a retina specialist annually for a dilated Retina eye exam. It's the best way to detect changes in vision

All you need to know about sun protection

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Charlene Berke tellls you all you need to know about skin cancer.

Your risk of melanoma increases by 75% when you use tanning beds before the age of 35.

This shows a picture show person leaning on a tanning bed and has a shocking statistic written above it. This statistic is very hard to swallow. It is amazing that your risk of skin cancer is boosted by so much if you use a tanning bed.

Natural sun protection

10 Oils That Protect Against The Sun. These natural oil protect you from the strong rays of the sun. Carrot seed, raspberry seed, and wheatgerm have the highest SPF. Do you use any of these oils regularly on your skin?

Sun Protection Clothing | SunAWARE

Sun safety is one of the biggest growing concerns. Make sure to be aware of the risks and know how to stay protected

Sun safety will protect you from skin cancer #SunSafetyTips

Skin care statistics and facts about skin care uses, sales, and business. Skin care industry and market statistics.