Always use a sunscreen with a factor higher than 30

Always use sunscreens that are an SPF of 30 or over. This is important as you should always were sunscreen

How you can protect yourself in the sun.

Sun Safety for your little ones, This infographic shows some surprising facts about the sun and protecting your young children from it's UV rays! I think this is important as it says some important things about UV rays and some sun information.

Protect your skin while you are young!

21 Things you Should Try to get for Free. Will for sure be checking out the audiolibrary and kids eat free!

Which hat is more sun safe than others.

Which hat is more sun safe than others.

Sun safe clothing.

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5 ways to protect yourself

However, it is important to remember to wear sunscreen whenever you are going to the be outdoors, even if it is cloudy. The suns harmful UV rays are present even when the sun isn't!