Amilee Is Amazing

Amilee Is Amazing

Amilee Is Amazing
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I'm not reposting this because "One girl didn't and her mom died 1 year later" I'm reposting this because I actually LOVE my mom.>>>I love my mom and always will

I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW

I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW<<<AND AWAY WE GOOOOO! <<<<< Also, Niue is struggling with a population decrease so if all of you people do move to the island it will help out there economy greatly!

how many Hogwarts students does it take to change a lightbulb?

Um, they don't have light bulbs. So it would take 3 Ravenclaws. One to explain what a light bulb is after a ravenclaw took the light bulb and wiring apart and the last one to put the wires and light swich back together.

I really hope this isn't a made-up story and somewhere my fellow Whovians are having a wonderful life together.  Because this is just adorable!

Please excuse the language, this is a pretty awesome story, whether it's true or not. Also he offered to buy her a book. That has to be the best pick up line ever.

My. Life. Is. Changed.

Definitely just tried this AND IT WORKS! You HAVE to listen to the entire message, and go through all of the options. So freaking cool. because she loves harry potter. okay may or may not just call hogwarts on repeat.

Ron Weasley Email account. Bwahaha ( except for Ron)

This is Ron Weasleys email account! I LOVE this it's so funny! But you would have to read the books.