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holding gold teaspoon of suya spice blend with text overlay "authentic suya spice mix". African Cuisine, Sauces, Dips, Jazz, Houston, African Spices, Nigerian Suya Recipe, Nigerian Food, African Food
How to Make Authentic Suya Spice
a jar with an spice mix with Pinterest overlay. Spice Mixes, Spice Blends, Spice Blends Recipes, Homemade Spice Mix, Homemade Spices, Spices
Hawaij Spice Blend
a wooden bowl filled with cajun seasoning and the words sustisticte above it
Cajun Seasoning Substitute (Copycat Slap Yo Momma Seasoning)
This Cajun Seasoning Substitute is the ultimate copycat version of the beloved Slap Ya Momma seasoning! Get ready to tantalize your senses and recreate those mouthwatering Louisiana flavors right in your own kitchen.
homemade peri peri seasoning in a glass jar with a wooden spoon
Homemade Peri Peri Seasoning
With this homemade Peri Peri Seasoning, you can have the wonderful flavors of Peri Peri at home. The seasoning blend is made up of a few easily available spices. you may well have them all in your pantry already! This mixture will keep in the pantry or store cupboard for at least 6 months. So you can make a big batch up and use it throughout the coming months!
homemade chili powder recipe with instructions on the side
You can make chili powder from scratch?!
burrito seasoning recipe on a white plate
How To Make Burrito Seasoning
the ingredients for pork seasoning rubs in a glass bowl with a spoon on top
Pork Seasoning Rub
japanese spice recipe in a small black bowl
Japanese 7 Spice Recipe
japanese spice recipe in a small black bowl
Japanese 7 Spice Recipe
spices in a glass jar with the words how to make chipotle seasoning
How to Make Chipotle Seasoning Mix - Recipe and Tips
Use these directions for How to make Chipotle seasoning mix to make your own Chipotle spice mix from scratch. This homemade chipotle seasoning mix recipe uses ground chipotle peppers and spices from your pantry. You can use this DIY chipotle seasoning to add flavor a smoky heat to your favorite southwest dishes.
a pile of different types of spices on top of each other with the words italian seasoning written below
Homemade Italian Seasoning - Simple Sojourns
a white bowl filled with different types of spices
Homemade Za' atar Spice Blend - WILD GREENS & SARDINES
Homemade Za' atar Spice Blend - WILD GREENS & SARDINES
a bowl filled with different spices on top of a white counter next to the words homemade bakrat spice blend
Baharat Spice Blend Recipe
a spoon full of tex mex seasoning on top of a white surface with the title text overlay
Tex Mex Seasoning