pannanda bread:)

Panda Bread

Your kids will love this adorable panda bread. Make it as a fun substitute for boring original snacks. Let your kids enjoy eating this simple, delicious bread.

<p>It is told that the ancient tale behind this enchanting cake began as a romantic gesture baked for a Persian prince and now serves as a symbol of undying love. Filled with classic aromatic Persian flavours, it is almost impossible to resist being enamoured with this exquisite creation. The delicate flavour of rose water and tanginess of the rose cheesecake filling is complemented by the satisfying crunch of crushed pistachios and meringue, while the layers of spiced caramel mud cake are…

katherine sabbath's take on the traditional persian love cake - rose water cheesecake, crushed pistachios & rose meringue, hidden between layers of spiced caramel mudcake & topped w/ fresh figs, rose petals & almond meringue kisses

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Moreish morsels – banana & date loaf — Kitchen Wench

Moreish morsels – banana & date loaf — Kitchen Wench