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Jaipur Rugs En Casa By Luli Sanchez Painterly White/Dark Denim Area Rug

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Effective colour palette, also makes reference to a flat, natural style that I like. Nice level of details even though it uses a limited palette – the animal is both a figure and blends effectively into the background.


I’m searching III, carnet de travail Pigments by Élisabeth Couloigner I love the colours!

William Morris - ‘Tulip and Willow’

The Industrial Revolution; the Arts & Crafts Movement (England). Design for "Tulip and Willow" wallpaper by English textile designer William Morris Indigo-discharge wood-block printed fabric.

Kathe Fraga | Roby King Gallery

Kathe Fraga paintings, inspired by vintage Paris and Chinoiserie ancienne. "The French Wallpaper Series"


Patchwork Tiles Delft Blue and White Pattern Patchwork Tiles Create an eye-catching floor or feature wall in your home with our fabulous Delft Blue and White Patchwork Tiles.


You don& have to commit to a wedding color. Why not try a print? Classic floral prints will make a nice motif throughout your wedding, whether its in invites, your dress, table setting, etc.

Marca Corona. Terra mix decorado hexagonal 25x21.6  #porcellanato #hexagonal #piso #revestimiento #mosaico #calcareo

Marca Corona. Terra mix decorado hexagonal 25x21.6 #porcellanato #hexagonal #piso #revestimiento #mosaico #calcareo

Nuloom Maison Leaves Blue Area Rug.  Thinking of teal as the accent colour.

Rugs USA Satara Leaves Blue Rug – Could be a really great contrast to your patterned chairs and solid sofa.