huge list of the best books for 10-year olds

Best Books for 10-Year Olds (5th Grade

Creating a summer reading list for the kids?  Be sure to include some of these classic books about summer!

15 Amazing Vintage Summer Reads for Kids

15 Amazing Vintage Summer Reads for Kids: Wonderful picture books & chapter books that kids will still adore and parents will remember!

20 classic chapter books for 5-8 year olds

20 Classic Chapter Books to Read with 5-8 Year Olds

20 Classic Chapter Books for year olds. Introduce chapter books to your young children with these twenty classic titles.

Survival books | Survival books for tweens & teens

Great Wilderness Adventure Books for Ages 9 - 12

12 of the BEST survival books for tweens & teens! Also great for classroom or family read aloud sessions. Stories that will entice even the most reluctant reader

twaddle free lit by grade level

You are what you read. Help the children in your life kick the junk food lit /twaddle habit. Charlotte Mason,"Twaddle free" literature lists by grade level; it's a beautiful thing.

pretty thorough reviews

The Literate Mother - She objectively rates youth and young adult literature (grades 4 - on a scale of zero to five in the areas of language, violence, sexual content and adult themes.

Top picture book lists of the year for kids as chosen by readers! There are books for everyone on these book lists.

Top Picture Books Lists of the Year

The best children's picture books of the year. These are favorite books my kids wanted to read over and over.

Favorite picture and chapter books chosen by facebook fans of the blog

Favorite Children's Books from Facebook Fans

Favorite picture and chapter books chosen by facebook fans of the blog

chp bks for younger kids

Chapter books for the younger kids