Math Chapter Books for kids a list of more than 10 titles

Math Chapter Books Kids Will Love

She hates math worksheets and thinks that's all math is, BUT she loves reading. Maybe math chapter books could show her math in a new way.Math Chapter Books for kids: a list of more than 10 titles

List of living math books

Math in Literature (organized by topic). This link is amazing! We'll be incorportating literature in Math this year. Great site to start looking into Math literature!

15 Books that Explore Math

25 Marvelous Math Picture Books for Kids

Great books that explain math concepts in fun & memorable stories! Learn about fractions, equations, measurement and more all during story time. From @ KC Edventures with Kids

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Books about Fractions

Book Mama: Books about Fractions.There are so many wonderful books available today that address math concepts. Here are a handful of books about fractions!

love2learn2day: Math in Children's Literature

Math in Children's Literature- list of books arranged by math topic. Great way to integrate literature into math.

New book by Cindy Neuschwander in the Sir Cumference series! Topic: Coordinate Grids! (a 5th grade Common Core Standard)

Coordinate Plane - Sir Cumference and the Vikings Map (Charlesbridge Math Adventures): Cindy Neuschwander, Wayne Geehan

reading nook books!!

A reading story that includes fraction hands on activities. By David Adler Illustrated by Nancy Tobin

Instead of working alone, Erdos reached out to other math lovers the world over and was happy to share all he knew. Because of his willingness to share, new fields of math were founded and mathematical research, discoveries, and applications multiplied exponentially. Paul demonstrated that math could be fun and social. Review from The Non Fiction Detectives.

The Boy Who Loved Math - incredible, hilarious story of the life of Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos.

for 3D figures

Geometry - Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry: Cindy Neuschwander, Bryan Langdo

Great Math Themed Picture Books - huge list!

Something wonderful is going on, and every kind of truck has an important job. But what are all those bulldozers and backhoes doing? This bright and lively counting book will delight young construction fans everywhere.

Math Coach's Corner: Literature for Teaching Math

Literature for Teaching Math

Math Coach's Corner: Literature for Teaching Math. Links to several resources you can use to incorporate literature into your math instruction.

Living Math Book List

Living math books that can be used to teach or reinforce math skills. Making math meaningful, one book at a time!