fraction game

Fraction Dice Game - This is a game that can be used to practice fraction recognition. Roll a pair of dice, make a fraction and cover the correct fraction illustration on the gameboard.

fraction activity- introduction gentle

This project is designed to be students' first introduction to the topic of fractions. More specifically, it introduces students the terms used to describe fraction denominators ("halves," "thirds," "fourths," etc.

Math Coach's Corner: Equivalent Fraction Dash card game

Equivalent Fraction Dash

handsonmath for K and 1st grade

Hands-On Math Learning For Kindergarten and First Grade

Hands-on learning for math concepts for your and 7 year olds. from Creekside Learning.

Free Fraction Strips

Free Fraction Strips template - maybe even connect with a brad & have a fraction fan

Reading Numbers.

Reading Numbers

Reading Numbers - Laughing Kids Learn An ingeniously simple idea to help children who are struggling with place value - numbers before, after, use for halving and doubling, place holder zeros.

fraction freebies

Fraction Spinner from Laura Candler - great for math centers - can be used for adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators.other fraction printables/activities

Bookish Ways in Math and Science: Third Grade Fractions

Literature Connections for Teaching Fractions in Third Grade Fraction Action . By Loreen Leedy.

teaching with fraction strips

Teaching with Fraction Strips

math series, tons of ideas for math learning here.

Here is the part of our ABC series on hands on math activities. We have many preschool math ideas and few toddler math activities.