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25 Gray And White Small Bathroom Ideas

The stunning bathroom of the concept home by Melbourne's if I ever build a house one day, I want these guys to do it - check out their account to see what I mean

Black & White... Project by: Canny Design Image via: Derek Swalwell  #homedesign #lifestyle #style #designporn #interiors #decorating #interiordesign #interiordecor #architecture #landscapedesign

When you are remodeling a small apartment bathroom, you need to make sure that your costs are always in the forefront of your mind. One of the major influences over the small bathroom remodel cost you will have to bear… Continue Reading →

Glass, glass, glass...

Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics. outdoor patio area with stairs- wood and metal with large window wall- fab!

Modern Glass Extension on a 5 Story London Townhouse in interior design architecture  Category

Modern Glass Extension on a 5-Story London Townhouse

Cosgriff House, Sydney, Australia, by Christopher Polly, Architect.

Cosgriff House in Sydney, Australia was envisioned by architect Christopher Polly as a modern dwelling, preserving its original envelope. The newly added extension opens up the residence towards the garden, adding more living space and more natural light.

Residence in Hawthorn / Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Residence in Hawthorn / Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Completed in 2015 in Hawthorn, Australia. Images by Itsuka Studio. This little gem of a project in the inner Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn adds a beautiful veiled extension to an existing single fronted.

Rolf Ockert Design have completed the contemporary renovation of a heritage home in Sydney, Australia.

The architecture team at Rolf Ockert Design completed the development of a modern extension to a heritage dwelling in Sydney. The project, entitled 46 North Avenue, aimed at providing additional living space for a young family with children: “Being only

Middle Park House, Melbourne // Chamberlain Javens Architects, K.P.D.O | Afflante.com

Completed in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. Images by Derek Swalwell. the original Edwardian home was converted into apartments in the and then a.