Iced VoVo cupcakes

The Iced Vovo biscuit is an Aussie favourite (iconic, even!) Serve them up in cupcake form next Australia Day or kid& birthday party – they& love them!

Seven poor little un-iced white chocolate mud cupcakes sitting in a container feeling unpretty. Turn them in to koalas of course! The directions are in the current issue of New Idea mag.

20 Ideas for Australia Day Crafty Fun

It’s Australia Day on the January here in Oz and it’s always nice to get the children involved in some fun crafts that mean …

Paper Plate Sydney Opera House craft

How to make an easy Sydney Opera House craft from paper plates. The Sydney Opera House is one of Australia's most famous icons. ~ Danya Banya *for when I start doing WORLD GEOGRAPHY

I love Australia, because my beloved friend Noni lives there! She lives down under, but she does not live upside down((-:

Australia Day - who can go past fairy bread! White bread, buttered, and then sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, (rainbow sprinkles) A popular Australian party food for kids.

Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic

Koala Cupcakes - RSPCA Cupcake Day

Don't be a "drop kick" (Aussie footy rules (AFL) term for kicking the ball, but also Aussie slang for one who is, let's say. Test your Aussie slang knowledge!