15 Unbelievable Places we resist really exist | Incredible Pictures

Green bamboo on the left, green bamboo on the right, green bamboo everywhere, lots of it. Green dream called Sagano bamboo forest (located near Kyoto, Japan)

Cascade - Glass Sculpture by Sergio Redegalli. Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, Australia

Cascade, a glass sculpture designed by Sergio Redegalli for the Botanic Garden in Adelaide, Australia - how on earth did he make it?

Beehive Corner on Rundle Mall

The "Beehive Corner", Adelaide, South Australia Note the giant bee on top of building! A popular meeting place for young lovers.

Frog Cakes! by natmeister, via Flickr

Does anyone out there remember these cupcake frogs - Cake Decorating Community - Cakes We Bake

Stobie Pole - only found in South Australia.

Stobie Pole - this power pole is only found in South Australia. A pole for supporting power lines, consisting of a tapered slab of concrete bracketed by steel joists, used mainly in urban areas of South Australia.

SA's favourite FruChocs - Yummy apricot and peach centres covered in milk chocolate.

South Australia's favourite Menz 'FruChocs '- ) Yummy apricot and peach centres covered in milk chocolate.' said previous pinner

Kitchener bun - try finding this anywhere other than South Australia!

'Kitchener bun - try finding this anywhere other than South Australia!' quoted by previous pinner

Farmers Union Iced Coffee (LOVE) - the only coffee that should come in cardboard

In Farmers Union Iced Coffee outsold Coca-Cola in South Australia at a rate of almost with South Australians consuming 36 million litres, making it the only place in the world where a milk drink outsells a cola product

Best looking cricket ground in the country!

Adelaide Oval - North Adelaide - Sports - Time Out Adelaide

Haigh's Chocolate

Haigh's Chocolates in Sydney - Beehive Corner. Just like the intriguing building Haigh's is housed in, their chocolates are beautifully presented in collector-item tins & cloth pouches.