Your photos will never be the same…

Your photos will never be the same…

not diy but i must remember this. Your Photos Will Never Be The Same - LoL Champ - Delete tourists from your travel photos with this Photoshop trick.

Always speak your mind: | How To Survive any situation, According To "Summer Heights High"

How To Survive High School, According To "Summer Heights High"


Ja'mie King private school girl perhaps the most insane psychotic b.

summer heights high

Community Post: 14 Teaching Strategies Taught By Mr G From "Summer Heights High"

"I wanna go to Africa and just, like, hang out with starving people. And, like, take photos of me with them." -Ja'mie King.

As Chris Lilley prepares to reprise the beloved Summer Heights High character in the new series Ja’mie: Private School Girl,.

Summer Heights High. Ja'mie <3

Ja'mie hahaha cause I'm like the smartest non-Asian