Covered bridge near Chelsea, Vermont by Jim Zuckerman

Covered bridge near Chelsea, Vermont. I absolutely the fall colors.when I dream of a covered bridge it appears always in fall colors!

Stowe Vermont , our honeymoon destination/ favorite most wonderful place in the world!

Stowe Vermont ~ wonderful place (von Trapp Family Lodge is there)

I am totally obsessed with the state of Vermont in the USA.  It blue and green.  The place calls out to become a hippie, drinking home made coffee and learning to hike without loosing your breath.  It is so beautiful.

From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved. Appalachian Trail - Green Mountains, Danby, Vermont Sibs and I are planning on hiking a bit of it!

Quechee Gorge, Vermont, the deepest gorge in Vermont and a little over an hour's drive from our inn

Gorge, Vermont deepest gorge in Vermont # family time # pancakes @ local breakfast diner# real maple syrup!

Lake Champlain, Vermont

Lake Champlain, Vermont [1024x1536] [OC]

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Beautiful fall foliage in Brownsville, VT at our Holiday Inn Club Vacations Ascutney Mountain Resort

Beautiful fall foliage in Brownsville, VT - spent nearly every summer there growing up.