Max Dupain sparked my love of photography as a child. His photos are classically beautiful and Australian.

Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby Penguin Classics, 2000 Cover: "Untitled (Bathing Suits by Izod)" by George Hoyningen-Huene, from Vogue, July 1930

Max Dupain, Opera House and Harbour Bridge, circa 1973 | Australian Photography

Sydney Opera House construction Image Max Dupain Courtesy of State Library NSW

Brian and Donna Seidler House (formerly Marcus Seidler House), Harry Seidler, c1951.

Brian and Donna Seidler House tours

Brian and Donna Seidler House in Wahroonga/ Designed by HarrySeilder/ Courtesy Eric Sierins © Penelope Seidler

Portrait of MAX DUPAIN - I adore this image. Kudos Peter Adams... Superb!!

Max Dupain, famous Australian Photographer in his studio.

Max Dupain - Rescue and resuscitation I, Manly - 1940s.

Permanent Collection HighlightsMax Dupain, Rescue and resuscitation photograph printed in 2002 by Jill White from original Max Dupain negative, x purchased Reproduced courtesy Jill White

SYDNEY | Max Dupain Exhibition Photography

Sydney Commuters Mounted Images

Max Dupain (1911-1992) Bondi 1939 Photograph: Badger and Fox Gallery

The works of four Australian photography greats – in pictures