Gunta Stölzl - Bauhaus Master

Gunta Stolzl- Design for a wall hanging - Bauhaus Weimar - The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, CA. Different color scheme, similar pattern, LR rug

Suburbia by Howard Arkley

Suburbia Series of paintings. Artwork by Howard Arkley - Australian Aerosol Artists

Howard Arkley

Howard Arkley used bright, bold, saturated colours to present an unrealistic, fantasy version of suburbia.

Howard Arkley

‘Howard Arkley: Home Show’, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles,

howard arkley

Howard, Arkley Floral exterior 1996 synthetic polymer paint on canvas h x w cm Canberra, NGA

Zappo (1983) Howard Arkley

Zappo (1983) Howard Arkley

Howard Arkley's - colour, rhythm, pattern

Leading Melbourne architect Allan Powell purchased Howard Arkley's iconic painting of kitsch suburbia, Spray Veneer, when it was first .