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Clare Wall
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#SMinfographic: Confused what each social site is good for? Use this amusing #infographic of #catpics explaining #SocialMedia for #business  | #SMeducation #SMM #SMtips

We've seen the "Social Media Explained" meme floating around cyberspace (and during webinars, and conference presentations, and yes, I've used it on several occasions myself). Avalaunch Media took it a step further with "Social Meowdia Explained.

Use a wine glass for a candle spot in a flower pot

I had a couple stem broken wine glasses. Use dollar store stemware or repurpose broken stemware. put glass down in plant and place a candle inside, use a citronella to keep bugs away or battery operated of children are around.

Sunset, Busselton, WA by Julia Harwood

Brian Pelkey Award / for Excellence in Natural Lighting / SoJie March 2011 / Hi, I would like to tell you a bit about me.

#BusseltonJetty | Even in a storm #Busselton is truly gorgeous! #BeauifulPlaces

#BusseltonJetty | Even in a storm #Busselton is truly gorgeous! #BeauifulPlaces