Exquisite Danish pants for girls http://www.danskkids.com/collections/pants/products/fannymia-trine-bukser-pants

Baby corduroy pants, light grey polka dot, elasticised waist, front facing pockets and gathered elasticised hem. Made in Lithuania.

Super smart Danish Valther Trøje for boys http://www.danskkids.com/collections/top/products/fannymia-valther-troje-top

Light grey cotton fleece top, orange buttons and trim. Made in Lithuania.

Fannymia's Emma dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-emma-kjole-dress

Pink short sleeve dress with white and green floral print, flower shaped buttons and lime green and white floral print pockets with charcoal elasticised trim. Made in Lithuania.

Oh so cute Helle Blouse from Fannymia http://www.danskkids.com/collections/top/products/fannymia-helle-bluse-top

Red and white polka dot short sleeve top with white buttons, light blue sleeves and pockets with white and black floral print, light blue and white floral print

Fannymia's Maria dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-maria-kjole-dress

Dusty pink short sleeve dress, with white polka dot, blue, green and purple floral print pockets with charcoal trim. Made in Lithuania.

Fannymia's Ester Amalie skirt http://www.danskkids.com/collections/skirt/products/fannymia-ester-amalie-nederdel-skirt

Baby corduroy skirt, pink and red floral print, red and white check print on pocket and trim. Made in Lithuania.

Fannymia Babuska dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-babuska-kjole-dress

Pink and white short sleeve dress, with red and white polka dot sleeves, Babushka doll ribbon above waist.

Fannymia's Carla Sofie skirt http://www.danskkids.com/collections/skirt/products/fannymia-carla-sofie-nederdel-skirt

This soft, sweet, pale brown, pink and green leaves and bird print baby corduroy skirt with elasticised waist by Fannymia, is cotton made in Lithuania.

Classic Danish boys pants http://www.danskkids.com/collections/pants/products/fannymia-lukas-bukser-pants

Blue and white pin stripe balloon style pants, elasticised waste, fully lined.

Fannymia Anna dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-anna-kjole-dress

Fannymia Anna dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-anna-kjole-dress

Classic Danish girls pants from Fannymia http://www.danskkids.com/collections/pants/products/fannymia-matilde-busker-pants

Purple with white polka dot balloon style pants, elasticised waist, fully lined.

Fannymia's Lina spencer dress

Red singlet sleeve dress with white heart print and an aqua blue and white bow at collar.

Fannymia's Villum Jakke http://www.danskkids.com/collections/jacket/products/fannymia-villum-jakke-jacket

Chocolate brown polyester fleece hooded jacket with fox print lining in hood, brown buttons and grey trim. Made in Lithuania.

Fannymia's Majken spencer dress http://www.danskkids.com/collections/dress/products/fannymia-majken-spencer-dress

Pale pink, blue, purple and green floral print singlet sleeve dress, with bright pink and white polka dot bow at collar. Made in Lithuania.

Fannymia's Elisabeth skirt http://www.danskkids.com/collections/skirt/products/fannymia-elisabeth-nederdel-skirt

Chocolate brown balloon style skirt with aqua blue polka dots, elasticised waist, fully lined.

Fannymia's Wilma spencer dress

Pale brown baby corduroy singlet sleeve dress, print of pink and green birds and bird houses, with brown and green leaves and a lime green cotton bow at collar.