End of the Day Jar

End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards for Community Building. Could also use this at the dinner table, have kids draw few questions out of the jar and talk as a family about it over dinner.

People Who Make Me Feel Safe - This activity will allow children to think about what it is to feel safe and who in their lives helps them to feel safe. This activity can lead to some wonderful conversations.

Great info for parents and educators!

This brief article has many valuable resources linked for teachers or parents who are unfamiliar with the IEP process.

Australia Unit Study

Australian Unit Study

Australia Unit Study from Creekside Learning - Great barrier wreath in sand table and animal habitats

Colouring Pages incl Aboriginal Art - Brisbane Kids

Aboriginal Colouring Pages

Aboriginal Colouring Pages gifted to Brisbane Kids by local indigenous artists for the free non commercial enjoyment of Kids in Brisbane

Tell An Aboriginal Story Activity Part 1

Students use these symbols to create their own story. You could add other Indigenous symbols/meanings to increase the variety.

Every place, every People, has its own unique pedagogies. These 8 simple ones are merely a starting point for dialogue. Each school engages in a different way, and produces its own unique frameworks for Aboriginal education through dialogue with the community about local ways of doing things.

Literature to support the Australian National Curriculum. Focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fiction.

#6 DREAMTIME AUSTRALIA Animated Aboriginal Dot paintings art education elementary video on YouTube (sadly it is cut off abruptly!)

Animated by Victor Holder:Aboriginal animated paintings in progress "Life is magic a timeless dream, where each moment is eternal, and all is one life"

Sharing Culture Education Resources for Teaching and Learning Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Language - Home

Sharing Culture Education Resources for Teaching and Learning Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Language

CRACKERJACK - PRIMARY SCHOOL RESOURCES * * * Supporting Non-Indigenous educators to teach about Aboriginal Strait Islander culture, knowledge and traditions. Every Resource matched to the Australian National Curriculum. Resources that engage and motivate children, enable them to reach their creative potential, meet their objectives and make the curriculum more accessible and exciting. #Aboriginal #TorresStrait #Culture #Indigenous #Languages #eLearning #mLearning #education

Stolen generation essay ideas for apollo's outcasts Free Essay: The Stolen Generation has had a. The impacts of the Stolen Generation on, techniques and dramatic conventions to help portray their ideas.