Sydney / Friend, mother, lover. Not always in that order. Often interchangeable, seeking flow dependence. And working on what I even mean by that.
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♥ Be open for synchronicities and grab them when they come. The more you are aware of this the "quicker" the answers will come, and of course always in their own good time too, for your own growth and progression,.....You are conscious and you want answers... just continue to believe. ♥☀️

Smaller satellite galaxies caught by a spiral galaxy are distorted into elongated structures consisting of stars, which are known as tidal streams, as shown in this artist's impression. The new survey has, for the first time, shown the presence of such te

This is a photo of a water droplet being vibrated by sound... WE are mostly water. Be careful of frequencies.... ♥ Live in good health ♥

Beautiful photo of a water droplet being vibrated by sound. So hang out among beautiful vibrations today!


Apple of Peru on Canvas or Glass

Apis Cera, la marque 100% naturelle. (

PERFECT: perfect shape, perfect size (for the bee), perfect use of construction material, perfect support structure, perfect material for storing honey (absorbs toxins)