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21 More Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Exist | Bored Panda

Giant Isopod - this is one of the largest of the existing Isopods. The enormous size is the result of a phenomenon known as deep sea giantism. Sea crustaceans & other animals grow to much larger sizes than similar species in shallower waters.

What to do when you're bored at school...

Artifact Thos photo shows a fan who became bored at work and decided to make a bow and arrow using pencils, rubberbands, paper clips and some other office supplies. The bow and arrow is used by Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth and a special thin middle finger to fill the same ecological niche as a woodpecker.

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