Served with toasty triangles, this delectable party dish is just too good!

Thermomix Chicken Liver Pistachio Paté

looks like best recipe, without pistachios and changing butter to coconut oil? or coconut cream? or chicken fat?

Making #Thermomix chicken liver parfait from a Heston Blumenthal recipe

Perfect Parfait: Heston Blumenthal’s Parfait of Chicken Livers - Why is There Air?

Gretchen's Chicken Liver & Pistachio Paté Recipe » Super Kitchen Machine (Thermomix)

Thermomix Chicken Liver Pistachio Paté

chicken liver and pistachio pate. Creamy texture and delicious flavour make for a perfect party pate!

My Kitchen Rules 2014 - Grandma's Pate

Grandma’s Brandy Pâté with Homemade Brioche and Chutney

Gretchen’s Chicken Liver & Pistachio Paté - a Thermomix Recipe

Thermomix Chicken Liver Pistachio Paté

Easy, decadent Thermomix chicken liver paté recipe with pistachios and brandy contributed by Gretchen Fitch, Queensland Australia.

Chicken & Mushroom Pate

Chicken and shiitake mushroom pate

This gourmet liver pate also incorporates shiitake mushrooms to make it even more special.

Chicken and Mushroom Pate

Chicken and Mushroom Pate