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HWFC03 - WE ARE THE AXIS POWER by mandachan

I love whoever it was for drawing this, too bad I couldn't freaking marry them since I already have someone that I gotta marry. <<<<<< look at sewden.

Eren, Attack on Titan, Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul, Zero, Vampire Knight, funny, text, crossover; Anime

Natsu : "I hate demons!" Natsu : *becomes a demon* Rin O. : "I hate demons!" Rin O. : *born a demon* Ichigo : "I hate hollows!" Ichigo : *was born as one*

vampire knight funny | vampire_knight_funny_by_mayahatsune_by_mayahatsune-d4v40we.png

send me your vampire knight pictures andi'll add a funny caption! Vampire Knight motivational poster by mayahatsune

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club, tamaki is smooth as water, but when it comes to Haruhi. He's just as awkward and jealous as the rest of us