Cauliflower Quinoa Meatballs in Coconut Turmeric Broth - A great Vegetarian dinner idea and a great way to try some new spices.

Cauliflower Quinoa Meatless Meatballs In Coconut Turmeric Sauce

Cauliflower meatballs in coconut turmeric sauce (tweak & make substitutions to make AIP paleo compliant).

Cloud Jellies- a lunchbox recipe that's good for you! Yummy fruit and yoghurt goodness!

Delicious, nutritious and oh so kidfriendly! Cloud Jellies- a guest post by nutritionist Juliette Francois. Awesome yummy treat with no nasties!

Week 15 - Thermomix Crisp Seed Crackers. Join Today! and have access to these past recipes.

Thermomix Crisp Seed Crackers - ThermoFun

Are you LCHF, Paleo and miss crackers and dip. Then these thermomix crisp seed crackers are the answer! Delicious, grain free & can be made dairy free, you

Grain-Free Homemade Almond Crackers made with only 3 Ingredients. #paleo #vegan

So so easy: 1 cup almond flour 1 T flax meal 3 T water t salt mix and roll thin Salt, basil and garlic powder Baked 350 for 20