Documentary Coffee can 1794

A rare example of documentary pottery in the form of a coffee cup, enamelled with flowers and with a dated inscription: SP

Documentary plate 1786

A rare marriage plate in creamware, with transfer print decoration by Sadler & Green.

Chaunton Jug 1784

A documentary jug, decorated with transfer prints and enamelling, date and inscribed for Samuel Chaunton. The engraving is signed, but we have not been able to make out the name or trace the engraver.

Pierced oval plate C1770

Serving plate with a pierced (or reticulated) edge, enamelled by hand in puce in the manner of James Bakewell. A few slight surface nicks from use.

Platter: Corinthian Ruins C1780

A fine, large platter in creamware, decorated with a transfer print of ‘Corinthian Ruins’. Probably Herculaneum Pottery.

Whieldon/pratt type figure of woman by a vase. C1770

Whieldon/pratt type figure of woman by a vase.

Staffordshire Figure: Singer C1745

Creamware with coloured lead glaze.

Hound  C1777

A Wheildonware, or prattware, figure of a hound. Identification of breeds is difficult with such naïve work, but it is possibly a Bassett Hound.

Pineapple Jug Greatbatch C1760

Pineapple Jug Greatbatch C1760

Dolphin Base. Wedgwood Feb 2nd 1805

Dolphin Base. Wedgwood Feb 2nd 1805

Teapot C1780

An attractive globular teapot in creamware, decorated with the King’s Rose pattern.

Teapot: Cauliflower C1765

A rare teapot in the shape of a cauliflower. This form is often attributed to the Thomas Whieldon & Josiah Wedgwood partnership.

Teapot: barrel shape C1775

In creamware, with enamelled, incised and applied decoration. This shape is usually attributed to Yorkshire, although the double flower finial suggests Greatbatch.

Oenochoe. Brown shagrene glaze. C1800

Oenochoe. Brown shagrene glaze. C1800