Lamps, Lanterns & Feeders

Lighting the way through the magical fairy garden. Lamps that are perfect for those shadowy corners, ye old lanterns hanging on Sheppard's hooks for those dark walkways. They are just the right light for those fairy magic nights.
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FLOWER DROP LANTERNS - This set of colorful lanterns are the perfect way to light the way for your fairy friends. You can use these to light the path through your fairy garden, OR as a splash of color at the front of your fairy house. Which ever way you choose to use them in your fairy garden, you fairy friends will love them just as much as you do.   #fairygardeningaustralia

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FLOWER LIGHT GARLAND - These divine little fairy flower light garlands are simply enchanting. These can be used in a tea party setting, or to use as a festive garland for your fairy garden friends. Where ever you place these in your fairy world, they will be sure to have you squealing with delight. #fairygardeningaustralia

Complete the look of your fairy garden with our many lovely fairy garden accessories. They're the perfect final touch to bring your garden to life.

Woodland Acorn Lantern w/- Garden Hook. An earthy lantern for those earthy fairies. #fairygardeningaustralia

Woodland Acorn Lantern w/- Garden Hook. An earthy lantern for those earthy fairies.

Fairytale Birdfeeder & Lamp. For that splash of colour in your garden. The bluebird sitting on the birdfeeder will entice the fairies to play. #fairygardeningaustralia

Miniature Garden Fairytale Birdbath and Tulip Lamp decor. Flower inspired birdbath with perched bird in yellow and blue. Pink tulip and green vine lamp des