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Ever wonder with Night Vale resident you share a soul with? And by "share a soul" we mean that your souls are permanently and inseparably linked, and when one of you dies – and one .

Welcome to Night Vale. Carlos and his perfect hair teaches Night Vale logic. // He and his perfect hair tried their best

Welcome to Night Vale fanart. My favorite part about being a member of the WTNV fandom is the fan art.

And unfortunately reality will not answer you. It avoids interviews of any kind at all cost. maybe its shy?

playingwithloadeddice: “ “ “We have a real treat for you today, listeners. Our special guest, Carlos!” ” there’s no hope for me… I’m in the Night Vale fandom… ”

Community Post: The 42 Stages Of "Welcome To Night Vale" Addiction ___________________________________ Oh a floating cat? What could be more normal?

This is my entry for the Cecil/Carlos T-Shirt competition. I’m so excited to see everyone’s designs when voting starts.

The last words of episode "Flight" uhhhh got me so bad Fanart tasper body horror/ welcome to night vale wtnv cecil baldwin ommetaphobia koshekh

It's just a lab coat made of denim, and a lab coat made of special sports material, I could see Cecil buying Carlos special lab coats like one with cats on it or polka dot, etc.