Iesha Salter

Iesha Salter

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Iesha Salter
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Pierce the veil

So so so excited to see/meet Pierce The Veil tomorrow! Their music has had the most beautiful impact on my life and I cannot wait to tell them.

these and more

They have saved my life so don't u dare make fun of them because "screaming isn't music" we'll neither I whatever the hell JB is doing. So Beilbers stop it with all the bullying. It hurts. Yes, it hurts.

Andy Biersack and Frank Iero

Gerard way and Mikey way <<Alex Gaskarth and Rian Dawson I was adopted by ATL!<< Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn the ship is real!<<Andy hurly and Justin hills<<Ray toro and frank Lero omg I WAS ADOPTED MY MCR


All I have on sims is me married to my town full of only V J M T. Basically all I listen to is PTV and all I wear is their merch and it's been like this for a while.

Johlex Moments xo

Johlex Moments xo

You know you've trained Jiu Jitsu when most of your friends have choked you

Black belts will oftensay they are willing to learn from anyone, even a white belt.that's because all a white belt has is imagination.