chalkboard houses

mommo design: DIY FOR KIDS - chalkboard city blocks, painted wall décor, foam letters

Arte e bambini: Matisse - Fun Matisse project for little artists. This uses paper and glue, but felt shapes could be a fun activity too.

Lit mezzanine

Constance Gennari et Laurent, Achille 5 ans et Brune 3 ans

Plywood playhouse

DIY IDEA - mommo design: PLYWOOD Play Box - Love the raw wood look. Even better if you use formaldehyde free quality plywood.

DIY Little kids house

Kids love their own little nook. This looks like an easy and inexpensive idea for thwir bedroom or playroom. Adorable space for reading. Paint it for them in their favourite theme and give them lots of cozy blankets ❤

oh my goodness.

Loving the fruit trend this summer! 🍌Banana button up suit available

DIY Tiger Pinata from Merrilee Liddiard's book PLAYFUL; photo by Nicole Gerulat #playfultoysandcrafts

tiger pinata from Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard. Fun projects to make with and for your kids.

DIY animal paper masks

trace Circle, cut slit, make ear choice templets/copies or drawings, story connection/animals? DIY animal paper masks by La maison de

Melodic Chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Melodic Chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

aviarystudio: melodic chimes // ladies and gentleman studio // via design milk

Paper Crowns from the book, Playful

Playful is out

Sweetest grumpy face you ever did see! Paper floral crown from Mer Mag's book Playful. photography by Nicole Gerulat.

cool kid

Violet Hume is a Wildfox Kid - Wildfox inspiration for artists - Inspiration for artists from Wildfox Couture

Half the sugar, though :X

Edible Eggless Funfetti Cookie Dough Balls - For those of us who love raw dough almost more than baked cookies, this is safe-to-eat and so darn good!