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No Room For Too Many Fords

Jacob Cross
The new HSV GTS Maloo will send an iconic Australian vehicle out in style by becoming the world’s fastest ute. Holden Special Vehicles is building a limited run of 250 GTS Maloos, with a price tag so . 2015 Wallpaper, Wallpapers, General Motors, Sexy Cars, Hot Cars, Pick Up, Holden Maloo, Sport Truck, Aussies

2015 HSV GTS Maloo ute detailed

Big power, big looks, black wheels - everything you need in HSV's high-performance GTS Maloo ute.Though Holden, sadly, is pulling out of local manufacturing in 2017, its high-performance HSV division is certainly not lying down and waiting for the end. Indeed, HSV has given us details of a new limited edition model in the hottest market segment in Australia - which these days