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they saved us but we can't save them #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik

Oh gosh. This csnt be happening.right in the feels it's cool I don't need to breathe anyway I mean pft breathing is overrated, if you want me I'll be over here, a puddle of what used to be a girl


I dont know if Ill be able to look as one direction with Zayn cuz for me Zayn =One Direction no matter what

What did Zayn ever do to get any of this hate? He dotantes to chariey, he visits sick children. He is amazing. He is sweet kind caring and loving. Zayn, if your reading this I just want to say please stay strong, you don't deserve any of this. Don't give up please. You have inspired all of us to. You have saved millions of people lifes. I can't loose you please babe stay strong. I love you. Xx~ Autumnmargaret

And all this Elounor stuff Ok we saw pics of Louis kissing another girl ok let THEM work it out. Our fandom is on the verge of going insane and we need to all just calm down, step back and take a deep breathe.


yeah because they were actually able to walk around town without getting swarmed by people who have no idea what personal space and privacy are and don't respect people's personal space and privacy.

Every one of you should repin this! ;') gif

"Tonight"-Niall "We take the stage"-Louis "For the first time"-Liam "We're ready"-Zayn "Are you?"-Harry just got chills.