Katt Von Tea🐱☕

Katt Von Tea🐱☕

I'm Katt. I'm British. I adore the feline population. I love music of most varieties and I live in cardigans, jumpers, jeans and pop culture shirts.
Katt Von Tea🐱☕
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cocoroachchanel:    Darstellung eines Hirschgeweihs (Jagdtrophäe), erlegt auf gräflichen Jagden in Ungarn,1901, Sándor Szapáry de Szapár

beautiful painting, it gives a lot of detail and expresses the horn by a ton of shading. the leaves and flowers that lace around the head really show and bring some joy into the picture. Amazing art and wonderful colors. -- would be a pretty tattoo

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Stitching the Macabre - Art by AdipocereAdipocere is a fabric artist who creates contemporary art embroidery portraits. The work of Adipocere is dark, featuring bats, gothic girls, and skulls often with bloody imagery. In addition to tattoos, Adipocere recently stitched a design into her skin. You can find the work of Adipocere for sale at bigcartel.com. Thanks to fallendragone!In the mood for something different? Check out the Cross Connect Facebook Page.Posted by Lisa.

Black swallow-wort, otherwise known as Dog-strangling vine, or Cynanchum louiseae. A herbaceous, perennial vine in the milkweed family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hand embroidery on natural linen, detail.