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Simple and clean lines contrast with bold green foliage to create a lush tropical oasis. The main focus of the space is the glass edged pool flanked by tall leafy plants, creating privacy and a sense of enclosure.

Modern Pool Modern Pool - see notes on tree suggestions

Small garden with bamboo planted for screening and softening fenced surrounds. Feels private and serene.

Philodendron erubescens Imperial Red unfurls red-maroon leaves that become dark glossy green as they age, giving this tropical plant a lush decorative appearance. Strong compact growth, it needs no support and is ideal for pots and containers. Can be grown inside in a brightly lit position. Supplied in a 50mm pot. Orders containing this item …

Philodendron Rojo Congo Rojo Congo is a large, fast growing evergreen plant.The foliage will begin copper brown with a red tinge and as it matures turns dark green. Suitable for borders and mass planting under large trees.

popular for their lush foliage and dramatically lobed leaves. Many are climbers, and do well as indoor plants in brightly lit positions. Phildendron Xanadu is an evergreen, low shrub with a compact, tidy growth habit and attractive lobed leaves. It rarely exceeds 1x1m, and usually grows to around 75cm (2’6″) high. Best climate: Xanadu can be grown in the garden in tropical and subtropical Australia and in warm temperate coastal areas.

philodendron xanadu dwarf - opposite sides gazebo (problems establishing in heat wave)