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Frankie Creams the High Fashion Competition at the Australian Magazine Awards

Issue 67 sure does have some treats in store for you! Each copy comes with one of two collectable art cards featuring cuteness from talented illustrator ladies Ana Albero and Ashley Ronning. There's also frankie’s first-ever fiction special, pretty photos from the most floral-y place on Earth, a brief history of hand gestures (both rude and non-rude), and an abundance of Australian abstract art.

holy majoley, frankie fellows - issue 67 is on sale in australia today featuring one of two collectable art cards, our first-ever fiction special and all the rest of the usual goodness.

Issue 64 includes life advice from Sleater-Kinney (and Portlandia) founder Carrie Brownstein, a mob of Melbourne lads who want you to help squish grapes for your own wine, and some sewn-together book characters that might make you grin like an idiot. We also have a look at street style from Tehran and some rebelliously coloured houses from Hungary (and there's a little trip to Mexico in there as well).

Are you in need of some frankie goodness right now? Issue 64 is on sale in Australia today and it's rammed full of top stuff, including life advice fr.

Blood, sweat, tears, cake-nibbling, trips to the country, nostalgic viewings of Twin Peaks ... frankie issue 50 has taken a lot of doing, but finally it's gone out into the world to make friends and influence people.

issue 50 Frankie Magazine - loved this front cover embossed and inside cover is the reverse of the embroidery - ingeneous

Issue 61 is now on sale, featuring a brief history of girl groups – The Supremes! The Runaways! Salt-n-freakin'-Pepa! – an entirely artistic meditation on bedside tables, an ode to why phone calls make everyone anxious, and a big long talk on the topic of failure (which is less depressing than it sounds).

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