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Proverbs 25 ;11

Proverbs 25 - Oh yes. Be the first to forgive. This takes humility and LOVE. Even if you feel wronged, isn't it better to have peace? Then work things out later, at a more appropriate time.

<3 "You are my witnesses is the utterance of JEHOVAH and I am God" Isa 43 :10-12

12 This is why Jehovah's Witnesses adopted the name in then, they were known as "bible students". They were already an organized religion making Jehovah's name and bible truths known throughout the earth.

The look you give your friend

"Teacher says pick a partner look at your friend like this" is not right because there should be the words "when the" before teacher and a comma after partner, along with a period. Grammar win: When the teacher says pick a partner, look at your friend lik