Ice blocks - funny but true.

Ice blocks - funny but true.>>> ahh the best thing to come home to after a tiring day at school/work

SCUMBAG SEAT BELT LAWS... - Misc - quickmeme

School bus logic: children must always wear a seat belt, except if you put 50 of them in one vehicle. Makes no sense which is why our kids will never ever ride the school bus!

Opal Chemical formula: SiO2•1.5(H2O)

Ethiopian Opal Geode

"Ethiopian opal geode sometimes you feel like a rock: hard, angry, damaged. But sometimes there is an opal inside you: this otherworldly beauty, the potential to be soft and loving and kind" really beautiful opal, my birthstone

Johnathan Thurston, who plays for the North Queensland Cowboys in the Australian National Rugby League. One of the leagues best players.

Johnathan Thurston -North Queensland Cowboys , Indegeinous All Stars, Queensland State of Origin & Australian Kangaroos - One of the very best players in Rugby League

fuck I feel it so bad, I remember some m decided to make me wear a sock over the bandaid but it bled through the sock


I actually don't remember because I didn't start watching State of Origin till a couple years ago!