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The most Australian thing ever

The most Australian thing ever. You know emus once won a war in Australia, look it up its kinda funny.

Bare Breasts inside: More tumblr posts to make you smile... and THINK!

Um guys Californians do this all the time what even this isn't that weird.<< here in Minnesota, "the snow" is all we have. You can't "go to the snow" bc ur already there. The snow is everythwhere.

Australia / iFunny :)

Funny pictures about Even the birds try to kill you in Australia. Oh, and cool pics about Even the birds try to kill you in Australia. Also, Even the birds try to kill you in Australia.

<<All I want to know is if there's some random surveillance footage of it being rolled down a road, somewhere.>>>>Jace Herondale who?

America vs. Australia…

Funny pictures about America vs. Oh, and cool pics about America vs. Also, America vs.

I love our slang though

I can't believe that only Aussies call it maccas! I have called it maccas my ENTIRE life!

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, an Australian recognised worldwide for his animal shows with crocodiles. Died at the hands of a stingray.

Literally Just 31 Hilarious Memes About Life In Australia

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The fuck is this zooper dooper shit they’re called otter pops jeez

And cake: | 47 Times Australians Totally Nailed It On Tumblr In 2015

47 Times Australians Nailed It On Tumblr In 2015