THAT'S WHAT MICHAEL MEANT maccas is MCDONALDS<<that's what "had a job downtown workin the servo" means!!!

Aussie vocab

I can't believe that only Aussies call it maccas! I have called it maccas my ENTIRE life!

.-. uh... May I remind people that I LIVE THERE!!! #Australia #Funny #MindBlown

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Damn right you guys. 'Straya is eeeeasily the best country ;) :P all this is so true xD except -- I don't THINK Hamish and Andy are the funniest blokes ever they ARE...! :) x

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Australia Is The Only Continent Without An Active Volcano - every bottle of Snapple has an interesting fact under it's lid, even Australia gets a lid !

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On education:

"One does not simply eat an entire spoonful of Vegemite. Here stands a true idiotic Australian

Meanwhile in Australia...

funny caption socks with sandals in florida time to break out the winter clothes