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Absolute Joinery Lithgow Laundry Renovation - Absolute Joinery would continue bench over front load w machine

not many examples of combined bathroom/laundry... like: simple bench, storage, 'built-in' machines. dislike: obviously I can't have a door to separate.

Mirror between laundry/bathroom sink and cupboards .,my design ethos: "The Block" - Bathrooms & Laundries

Sleek modern laundry room features white lacquer cabinets accented with polished nickel hardware alongside white washer and dryer next to sink with off-set deck faucet.

FOR: Laundry - I like this flow, appliances on the floor, clear bench space and tall cupboards for broom storage etc Kitchen Designs Melbourne - Bathroom, Bedroom Laundry Designs

The Block 2016 laundry, entry and powder room reveals: Sasha and Julia's laundry.

The Block reveals showed unfinished rooms and tantrums from teams. Here is a recap of The Block Reveals hallway, laundry and powder room.

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Low cupboard for basket to go on top and large sink positioned next to machine for sorting bin.


The Block 2016 Week 7 Powder Room & Laundry Reveals