Locksmith in Paris

Great old wrought iron work: this is sign for a German locksmith located in Paris.

♥  L'Objet Qui Parle ~ a brocante (second-hand shop) in Paris

Brocante in Paris-L’Objet Qui Parle (Would just love to sashay through those doors and have a look-see at what awaits inside!--Kept seeing that word, brocante so I had to look it up--means vintage market!

Ivy Balcony, Paris, France

Autumn ivy balcony, Paris, France This is a beautiful window. I chose a board to display it where it won't be shown as it should be.I should have chosen a floral board.

Rue Mouffetard Market in the Latin Quarter, Paris.

Rue Mouffetard market in the Latin Quarter, Paris. Being one of the oldest parts of Paris Rue Mouffetard feels like a very awake village in a big city. Rue Mouffetard main attraction is its regular open market with its street stalls and their vendors.

Madeleine Gely umbrella shop in Paris

Madeleine Gely umbrella shop in Paris -- I'm not packing an umbrella for the rainy month of July do I can buy one here!

Eiffel view from Opera Garnier's roof, paris

Eiffel Tower view from Opera Garnier’s roof Paris. I like the angels better than the tower

Le French Chats by Ryan Conners

Ryan Conners' Folk Art & Photography Kilkennycat - They said if you sat…

L'automne boulevard Saint Germain

Bonjour Paris a quintessentially Parisian moment. A flash of black coat, black tights and black shoes moving swiftly down a rain-slick Boulevard Saint-Germain.

le chat

FRENCH CAT nonono I am white cat with black paint on, like stripes! I must hide quick, quick, there is the most disgusting smelling black and white French cat who is trying to molest me. I beg of you, save meeeeee!