Four stars! The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)

The Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2016 (An Aggregated List) -

Luna Station Quarterly Issue 025

Lady Knights and Their Trophies

Four Stars! The Third Door (The Three Doors Trilogy #3)

The Third Door : The Three Doors Trilogy: Book 3 - Emily Rodda

“Love is Forever” by Merrilee Faber from Hint Fiction.

“Love is Forever” by Merrilee Faber from Hint Fiction . 17 Flash Fiction Stories You Can Read Right Now

Extreme Planets with my story The Hyphal Layer (affiliate link).

Extreme Planets: A Science Fiction Anthology of Alien Worlds (Chaosium fiction): David Brin, David Conyers, David Kernot, Jeff Harris:

A fabulous collection of monsters who don't always take the form you would expect. Includes my story Bristles. (Affiliate link).

Not Your Average Monster, Vol. A Menagerie of Vile Beasts (Volume

Personalised daily deals coming from Goodreads!

Personalized Daily Deals Coming from Goodreads

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The best instagrammers for your next book recommendation!

These Instagrammers Have Your Next Book Recommendation Covered

It all starts with the fascinating Danish way of living, known as hygge.

Five stars! Not Of Woman Born by Constance Ash

Not Of Woman Born by Constance Ash

Five Stars! Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media

Offers techniques, tips, and advice for creating a variety of flower shapes and incorporating design elements with examples from over a dozen established artists with unique floral styles.