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actually-saturn: “ chyna-joy: “ the-real-eye-to-see: “ It is perfect! ” Why can’t it just be the LGBTQ community why do we need to separate it by race.

Don't be a fuckwad and try to 'convert' people when they are most vulnerable emotionally. Their grief is not a vehicle for your religious agenda.

Anonymous said: okay so for no matter how long ive tried and tried,i can NEVER draw dean nd castiel. so i was wondering if you have any tips on how to draw them? your art is.

Kyle's fuck up

Kyle's fuck up

stevenuniverse, gravityfalls, adventuretime, Over the Garden Wall. 《 I call purgatory. I love them singing frogs and Southern Americana Gothic feel.<< tough call, but I'm gonna have to say gravity falls. Adventure time comes in a close second