Milsons Point, Sydney Australia

Milsons Point, Sydney, NSW, Austrália We have climbed this bridge and it is an experience we will never forget.

Sydney: 51 years difference

Sydney: 51 years difference

Sydney: Time lapse photo showing the evolution of the skyline in 51 years

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park, Sydney's city amusement park with rollercoasters, bumper cars and rides galore.

Incredible images have emerged from civilian snappers of the NSW fires. (Photo: Kurt Ams)

AS THE bushfires raged and a thick cloud of smoke covered the Sydney sky on Thursday, savvy civilians took to their phones and cameras to capture the eerie moment.

Devastating post bushfire

Dean Lewins / EPA Sean Butler stands in front of his 1958 bus after fighting a fire with five other residents of the historic township of Ne.

Post Bushfire Sunset

NSW firefighters are set for another tough day, with temperatures expected to climb, humidity predicted to drop and a warm, dry wind change to come through.