Paradise by British artist/illustrator Katherine Tromans. Absolutely stunning, and it was her final degree project! Via The Jealous Curator

paint brushes!

Paint Brushes by Art Freak~ "On the path of love, we are neither masters,nor the owner's of our lives.We are only a brush in the hand of the master painter" Rumi

lost 1886 frederick mcCubbin

Lost 1886 Frederick McCubbin February 1855 – 20 December was an Australian painter who was prominent in the Heidelberg School, one of the more important periods in Australia's visual arts history.

brett whiteley!

"Seagull Over Lavender Bay" in 1979 by Brett Whitely. Takes my breath away . he is a fucking genius!

frederick mcCubbin!

Biography - Frederick (Fred) McCubbin - Australian Dictionary of Biography

lost 1907 frederick mcCubbin!

journey-and-destination: Australian Impressionists - Frederick McCubbin

lost 1886 frederick mcCubbin!

'Lost' or 'The Lost Child' 1886 Frederick McCubbin (Australia) painted at Box Hill.