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where is it tho

What happened to Gerard why Cries cause I'm not o-fucking-kay twinkle twinkle why couldn't they stay I'm going to join the black parade

*slowly lifts little finger at world* *opens mouth* *THOSE WATERMELON SMIILES CAN'T RIPEN UNDER WATER*

Fear me. I am heart broken by heavy metal and I dance in my evil satanic circle like Uma Thurman <-- don't mind me, I'm just summoning Satan.


Lyn-z Way, Gerard Way, Bandit Way, Gerard-former My Chemical Romance member, funny to imagine Mama we all go to hell Mcr Gerard way

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I wish I had “emo” friends, because none of my friends listen to the emo trinity so I have no one to just burst out talking to about stuff like this😢😢😢