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Three Rivers Deep book series: Two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora White, finds herself struggling with the self-blame of her mother’s death and the ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates. READ MORE @ Three Rivers Deep: Book One Overview

Mermaid Kisses, Sea Witch, Duck Egg Blue, Whisper, Bleu, Teal, Aqua, Waves, Pastel

Mermaid Kisses, Mermaids, Imagination, Waves, Mermaid Art, Fantasy, Wave

Mermaid Kisses, Sea Shells, Blue Green, Mermaids, Waves, Mint, Peppermint, Shells, Mermaid Art

Mermaid Kisses, Under The Sea, Whisper, Waves, Wave

Mermaids, Mermaid Art

The Road, Draw, Color, Congratulations, Mermaids, Waiting, Journey, To Draw, Colour

Mermaid Kisses, Mermaids, Color Themes, Sirens, Whisper, Waves, Mermaid Art, Mermaid Art, Wave

Sirens, Mermaid, Waves, Mermaids, Mermaid Art, Wave

Role Play, Sirens, Whisper, Fairy Tales, Mermaids, Waves, Poetry, Boards, Led

Color Boards, Color Themes, Pastel Palette, Opal, Sparkles Glitter, Razzle Dazzle, Mermaids, Bokeh, Watercolours

Whisper, Sirens, Waves, Mermaids, Mermaid Art, Wave