Vanessa Megan - Darling - Natural Perfume

A bouquet of floral essential oils creates this ‘Darling’ Natural Perfume by Vanessa Megan™, formerly the Marry Me Body Spray.

Aromantik - Strangers in Blood

This natural perfume oil containing Madagascan Vanilla Orchid, Italian Blood Orange, Brazilian Roasted Coffee, & Organic Haitian Vetiver.

Vanessa Megan - Essential Blend - Natural Perfume

Our Vanessa Megan™ trademark scent ‘Essential Blend’ is a unique blend of five essential oils, which are known to calm and relax the mind & body.

Aromantik - The Blossom Thief

The blossom thief is alcohol free natural perfume without artificial fragrances & colours, phthalates, parabens and without other chemicals.

Vanessa Megan Baby - Garden Wonderland - Pregnancy Perfume/Morning Sickness Spray

Garden Wonderland - Pregnancy Perfume / Morning Sickness Spray formerly the Easy Queasy (Morning Sickness) Spray