sTREEt-Campaign-logo-design-branding-identity- love this idea of looking through the sign and using the pos/neg images for letters

Category: Structures with unusual support structures I think this one is interesting because the entire exhibit is suspending from the ceiling instead of set on the ground good idea for an entrance.may be with some light or video in it.

Madrina by Mast, United States

New Logo & Brand Identity for Madrina by Mast — BP&O

Brand identity and signage for French inspired Mexican restaurant Madrina designed by Mast

modernoffset: An exhibition display regarding a William Blake poem.

An exhibition display regarding William Blake's poem The Little Black Boy. I like how this work is presented. It very minimalist, and the way it overlaps helps the work fit together as it is one big installment.

Positioned as 'One of a Kind', Orchard Piper's Washington Street Development…

Positioned as 'One of a Kind', Orchard Piper's Washington Street Development presents a new benchmark in luxury property.

White City Place architecture display. dn&co.

Three empty ex-BBC buildings stood in the middle of one of London’s most exciting regeneration projects, White City.